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Wildlife & Nature

Local Wildlife
In the beautiful Brora Countryside and seaside features every imaginable habitat, so a wide variety of our fellow inhabitants can be seen in the wild, as nature intended.

  • Otters: On the River Brora seen anywhere between harbour mouth and loch.
  • Seals: Seen often in the Dornoch Firth, but the best views are on Brora Beach where they relax in their inimitable way regularly.
  • Moray Firth Bottlenose Dolphins: Can also be seen making their way along the coast, often very close to the beach in small groups.
  • Wildcats: In local woods and in the hills, if you are lucky!
  • Deer: Roe deer are widespread and may be seen wherever there is cover, Red deer can commonly be seen on the hills around Loch Brora and Glen Loth.
  • Brown Hares: Found on farmland and mountain hare on heather moorland.
  • Long-Eared Bats: In sheltered areas.
  • Goats are often to be seen on the Morvich Rock near Rogart.
  • Other Mammals: Hedgehog, moles, shrews, voles, house and wood mice, fox, stoat, weasel, rabbit are all common.


  • Brora Beach displays a variety of ducks and waders, the species varying with the season including Mallard, Goldeneye, Longtailed duck and Eider. The Arctic Tern is also a visitor and has become the emblem of Brora Golf.
  • Loch Brora has Goldeneye and other ducks, Curlew, Redshank, Oystercatcher and Lapwing. Buzzards are likely, and with luck Golden Eagle may be seen in winter.
  • Loch Fleet, Off the A9 between Dornoch and Golspie, forms part of a well known nature reserve with a wealth of seaducks and waders. Here one may hope to see Osprey fishing. Ospreys arrive in spring and their numbers are increasing so much so that the Forestry Commission has recently assisted the local Council Ranger to erect a substantial high platform which is intended to attract nesting – we await a visit.
  • The area also has a wide variety of gulls and cormorants.
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